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An Inspired Encounter... While Riding on a Pink Bus

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I stepped onto a crowded bus and noticed that there was one seat left available, next to an older gentleman. I sat down and greeted him with Bermuda's customary, "good afternoon." He replied with the same. A few moments later, he turned to me and said, "excuse me miss, it looks to me like you have decided to enjoy life... it shows." Surprised (and delighted) with this comment I smiled and with enthusiasm responded... Yes, I have! During our 10 minutes together, I learned many things. I learned that he was born in 1934 (quick math... that makes him 78 years old). He got into an accident when he was 65 and after he recovered, he decided to get a job at age 70... (a job at age 70, people!) And... the only reason he stopped working was because the company wasn't 'allowed' to keep him employed due to his age. He said to me, "getting old is for old people... life is for living and all the time I feel like I am starting again... It's so exciting!" Wow. What an amazing outlook, I say. Then he showed me three versions of his drivers license (which were conveniently attached on a key ring on his backpack - very cute). The first one was dated from when he was 65. The latest version from earlier this year, at age 78... I swear it looked like the person in the photos got younger as he got 'older'. My stop arrived and it was time for us to part ways. I got off the bus beaming with inspiration and gratitude for this 'chance meeting'. Inspiration sometimes presents itself in unexpected encounters. Today, inspiration happened to present itself to me...While Riding on a Pink Bus.



  • mona posted on February 24 2014 at 10:02 PM

    heart this. xo!

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