• Metal Pendulum

Metal Pendulum



Pendulums are divination tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. Using a pendulum allows for communication with your Higher Self
How to use a pendulum:
  • cleanse and program the pendulum after purchase, like you would a crystal
  • set the intention to receive clear and truthful answers
  • take a few deep breaths + relax
  • hold the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger
  • ask “show me YES” - the pendulum will either swing horizontally, vertically or in a circular motion
  • ask “show me NO” - the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction
* begin by asking simple questions to which you know the answer
* structure questions that will allow for a clear “yes” or “no” answer
* make sure to completely stop the pendulum in between questions
* if the pendulum swings in a direction not indicative of “yes "or “no” try rephrasing the question
* clear your mind before asking questions for accurate answers 
* follow your intuition to cleanse and recharge the pendulum as needed