purple lotus

Let Go Mala


pine wood: spiritual properties include: inner peace | tranquility | rising above difficulties | determination | strength | refreshing mind, body and spirit | purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects | crystal cleansing | protection | supports fertility, birthing | manifestation
prehnite: keyword: truth | calmness | a stone of unconditional love | enhances inner knowing | enables you to be prepared | helpful for "decluttering" and letting go | helps to heal kidneys, bladder, shoulders, chest and lungs
lava rock: provides stability in times of change | provides guidance and understanding | encourages the flow of creativity | chakra: solar plexus
moss agate: new beginnings | represents stability + persistence | encourages trust + hope | attracts abundance in wealth | improves self esteem | aids in self expression + communication | useful in birthing | promotes rest + restoration
howlite: keyword: calming | spiritually, a stone of awareness | aids in meditation | can be used to relieve anxiety | helps with insomnia | encourages calm communication and patience | strengthens memory | balances calcium; aids in teeth, bones and soft tissue | chakra: third eye, crown
{phrenite pendant}
length: 33 inches