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Now that you own a mala, find out what each gemstone and symbol means... 

  Agar (Eagle) Wood 

unlocks the subconscious | balances the mind | used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding removes negative energies | brings deep tranquility and relaxation | chakras: upper
 Agate grounding + protective | facilitates self-confidence | improves concentration and strengthens memory | encourages speaking ones truth | stimulates digestive process | cleanses lymphatic system | heals skin disorders | chakra: solar plexus, throat | zodiac: Gemini
 Amazonite inspires truth | sincerity | honour | self-love | communication | soothes emotional trauma | offers clarity | assists in manifesting universal love | protects against electromagnetic pollution
 Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and intuition | enhances memory | can assist in overcoming addictions | powerful amulet for travel - protects against thieves, sickness, danger | relieves insomnia | reduce pain of headaches and migraines | zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio | chakras: third eye; crown
 Angel Skin Coral quiets emotions | facilitates intuition + imagination + visualization | supports pregnancy + birth | attracts success | travel protection while on water | dispels fear
 Apatite a stone of manifestation | stimulates the development of psychic gifts | aids in communication and self-expression | increases motivation | enhances creativity | expands knowledge and truth | eases sorrow, apathy and anger | aids in absorption of calcium | improves arthritis and joint problems | encourages healthy eating | chakras: throat and solar plexus
 Aqua Terra Jasper means: water earth | helps one find inner peace | love and compassion | alignment of physical and Light bodies | considered a highly protective stone | supports emotional healing | zodiac sign: Aquarius | chakras: all
 Arrow direction | forward motion | travel 
 Aura Quartz clear quartz bonded with platinum | cleanses, balances, clears the aura + all chakras | represents joy | signifies hope + optimism | a stone of romance + love
 Aventurine thought to be the luckiest of all crystals | a stone of prosperity | reinforces leadership qualities | enhances creativity | balances blood pressure | stimulates the metabolism | lowers cholesterol | acts as an anti-inflammatory | chakra: heart
 Bayong Wood grounding | fosters balance + stability | symbolizes development, evolution, adaptation + spiritual growth
 Bell awareness | joy
 Blue Lace Agate

a stone of communication | provides clarity of thought | inspires loyalty and trustworthiness | promotes inner stability | helps new mothers with “baby blues” | releases shoulder and neck problems | chakra: throat


keywords: strength and vitality | earth element | prompts the recollection of the Buddha’s teachings about the impermanence of the world | aids in blood circulation


 brings out natural good and inner truth | boosts immune system | gives courage | attracts health and wealth | skin rejuvenation and hair growth | chakras: all

 Buddha symbolizes compassion | love | enlightenment 
 Butterfly a symbol of grace | growth | expansion | surrender | transition
 Carnelian restores motivation | stimulates creativity | removes fear of death| gives courage | replaces emotional negativity with a love of life |stimulates metabolism | increases fertility | chakra: root
 Citrine attracts wealth and success | imparts joy and enthusiasm | promotes motivation | activates creativity and encourages self expression | stimulates digestion | detoxifies blood | zodiac sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra |chakras: sacral, solar plexus, crown 
 Clear Quartz master healer | amplifies energy, thought and effects of other crystals | absorbs, releases and regulates energy enhances psychic abilities | aids in concentration | unlocks memory | harmonizes all chakras
 Coral quiets emotions and brings peace facilitates intuition | imagination and visualization | strengthens circulatory system and bones chakra: root
 Crazy Lace Agate known as the laughter and happiness stone | promotes liveliness and fun | offers support and encouragement | promotes optimism | harmonizes yin and yang energies | chakra: third eye and crown
 Dragonfly symbolic of prosperity | strength | joy | harmony
 Druzy Quartz represents light + joy | brings harmony to groups | encourages clarity | offers positive energy | stabilizes aura | balances all chakras
 Ebony Wood  offers the power to change | positive luck | balances energy | breaks down social barriers
Eternal Knot  eternal love and friendship | wisdom | compassion
 Feather courage | freedom | leadership
 Fluorite encourages positivity | increases confidence, concentration | promotes freedom of choice | stabilizes aura | helps in facilitating life changes | alleviates arthritis pain | zodiac sign: Capricorn, Pisces | chakras: heart, throat, third eye
 Fresh Water Pearl  promotes sincerity, truth and loyalty | enhances personal integrity | focuses attention | symbolic of purity | offers a sense of ebb and flow | can help with headaches, allergies, colds | aid in infertility and pain of childbirth | chakra: solar plexus and sacral
 Fuchsite referred to the “stone of health” | can bring friendliness, compassion, and lighthearted | said to speed deep emotional and physical healing  | links the intellect of the mind with the heart | decreases insomnia | improves self worth | zodiac sign: Aquarius | chakras: heart
 Ganesha remover of obstacles | bringer of success | represents spiritual awakening, internal balance and wisdom

holds and releases light | represents and carries the energies of transformation | merging of elements, rebirth | focus and communication

 Gold charged with sun energy | attracts prosperity | helps digestion and arthritis | helps allow happiness flow into ones life | boosts vitality
 Hamsa Hand protection | good fortune | happiness | luck | health
 Heart love
 Hematite grounding & protecting | balances mind/body/spirit connection | boosts self esteem and confidence | improves personal relationships | increases intuition | stimulates concentration and focus | assists ailments related to blood circulation | can relieve pain from arthritis | zodiac: Aries, Aquarius | chakra: root
 Howlite keyword: calming | spiritually, a stone of awareness | aids in meditation | can be used to relieve anxiety | helps with insomnia | encourages calm communication and patience | strengthens memory | balances calcium; aids in teeth, bones and soft tissue | chakra: third eye, crown
 Jade attracts good luck, friendship, prosperity and long life | increases love and nurturing | brings harmony to relationships | promotes courage and wisdom | assists in fertility and childbirth | chakra: heart
 Jasper known as the 'supreme nurturer' | alleviates stress + induces tranquility | balances energies | encourages honesty with one's self | offers courage
 Key release | new beginnings | mystery 
 Kyanite aligns all chakras | calming | tranquility | encourages psychic abilities | promotes self-expression
 Labradorite  useful through change | a transformation stone | imparts strength and perseverance | raises consciousness | grounds spiritual energies | strengthens intuition | promotes trust in the Universe | stimulates imagination | relieves anxiety and stress | regulates metabolism | balances hormones | alleviates menstrual tension | helps with sleeping disorders | chakras: sacral, third eye and crown
 Lapis Lazuli supports qualities of honesty, compassion | releases stress | brings peace and serenity
 Lava Rock provides stability in times of change | provides guidance and understanding | encourages the flow of creativity | chakra: solar plexus
 Lemon Chrysoprase  promotes happiness + self growth | brings prosperity + business success | supports new beginnings | encourages acceptance + kindness | helps overcome fear | instills wisdom + self-confidence | provides motivation + inspiration
 Lotus Flower new beginnings | transformation | infinite potential
 Magnesite brings deep peace to mediation and relaxation |  enhances visualization. | stimulates self-love |  aids in listening attentively to others |  detoxifies and neutralizes body odor | treats menstrual cramps | relieves headaches/migraines | speeds up fat metabolism | lessens fevers and chills | chakras: heart, third eye and crown
 Mandala symbolizes the universe | represents harmony, unity, oneness
 Mermaid symbolic of beauty | love | mystery | independence
 Moon cycles | wonder | renewal | intuition | illumination | femininity 
 Moonstone new beginnings | offers protection for travellers | provides calmness + emotional stability | enhances intuition + inspiration | supports in fertility, easy childbirth + mothering | promotes success in business + love | balances hormone cycles
 Moss Agate new beginnings | represents stability + persistence | encourages trust + hope | attracts abundance in wealth | improves self esteem | aids in self expression + communication | useful in birthing | promotes rest + restoration
 Olive Wood symbolic of abundance | wisdom | pureness | peace | brings about balance | offers insight and inspiration
 Om union of mind, body and spirit | the sound that created the universe
 Onyx keyword: grounding | promotes inner strength and endurance | soothes anxiety | helps with positive focus | aids in “letting go” | stimulates wise decision making | imparts self-confidence | helpful for entrepreneurs | zodiac: Gemini, Leo | chakra: root
 Opalite ideal for meditation | improves communication, especially spiritual | assists during transitions | aids in business success | stabilizes mood swings | helps overcome fatigue | purifies blood and kidneys |chakra: third eye
 Owl wisdom | protection | mystery | transition | intelligence | messages
 Peacock Ore happiness | joy | cleanses | balances + aligns all chakras | grounds excess nervous energy | increases self-esteem
 Pine Wood spiritual properties include: inner peace | tranquility | rising above difficulties | determination | strength | refreshing mind, body and spirit | purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects | crystal cleansing | protection | supports fertility, birthing | manifestation
 Prehnite keywords: truth | calmness | a stone of unconditional love | enhances inner knowing | enables you to be prepared | helpful for "decluttering" and letting go | helps to heal kidneys, bladder, shoulders, chest and lungs
 Pyrite earth element | provides intellect + enhances memory | encourages emotional well being | action + vitality | stimulates the flow of ideas | ideal for students | encourages leadership in the workplace
 Rhodonite compassion | balances emotion | encourages forgiveness and gratefulness | promotes self confidence | stimulates fertility | eases inflammation of joints and arthritis | chakra: heart
 Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love | restores harmony and trust in relationships | promotes self-love and friendship | calms and reassures | helps in times of grief | encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance | balances thee physical heart and circulatory system | reduces blood pressure | heals chest, lung, kidney and adrenal problems | alleviates vertigo. increases fertility | protects mother and unborn child from miscarriage | chakra: heart
 Rose Wood supportive in spiritual healing | offers compassion and love
 Rudraksha Seed known as the “tears of Shiva” | increases ability to concentrate | gives clarity and peace of mind | improves memory | relieves stress and anxiety | said to increase stamina | balances the nervous system | increases abundance | believed to slow the aging process
 Sandal Wood promotes tranquility and positive state of mind | promotes spiritual awareness | aids in opening the third eye | improves self identity and trust | promotes energy and enthusiasm | an anti-depressant, antiseptic, insecticidal | used to assist the immune system in any healing process or to prevent illness
 Serpentine Jasper stimulates arousal of kundalini energies, clears blocked energy, creates enlightenment, aids in the aim of healing the earth
 Silver offers a soothing and calming energy | invokes intuition, dreams, love | attracts prosperity 
 Skull reminder to live life to its fullest | represents the impermanent nature of all things
 Smoky Quartz protective and grounding | brings prosperity and good luck | fosters cooperation in groups | offers courage and inner strength | helps uncover subconscious wisdom | helps with relieving grief | removes toxins from the body | balances ones general health | chakra: root
 Snowflake Obsidian  grounding + protective | calming + soothing | helps with keeping focused | provides balance during periods of change | reminds of value of mistakes as well as successes
 Sodalite brings order + calmness | encourages truth + intuition | enhances self-expression | enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance + self trust
 Strawberry Quartz  universal love | seizing the day | soothing + calming | amplifies intentions of love + generosity + gratitude | encourages joyfully living in the moment | helps mother and child bond | promotes inner strength
 Sunstone promotes happiness, optimism and enthusiasm | offers confidence and feelings of self-worth | linked to good luck | alleviates stress | increases vitality | encourages independence and leadership | chakra: all
 Swarovski Crystal  carries energies of transformation and rebirth | encourages focus | aids in communication | deflects negative energy | can bring relief from arthritis or joint pain | ease symptoms of emotional illness
 Teak Wood stimulates growth | offers protection | enhances ones charisma + credibility | generates wealth | connection with nature | evokes a feeling of ease
 Tangerine Aura aids visualization and insight | promotes drive and enthusiasm | stimulates creativity | recharging and invigorating | imparts physical and psychological strength | supports and oxygenates the blood, liver, and spleen | chakras: unites base, sacral and solar plexus
 Tigers Eye aids in recognizing ones talents and abilities | supports addictive personality in making changes | balances yin and yang | alleviates depression and lifts moods
 Tree of Life symbolic of: foundation + strength | inspiration | healing + nourishment | wisdom | connection
 Turquoise purification | dispels negative energies | protects against pollutants | aligns + balances chakras | promotes inner calmness | brings wisdom + understanding
 White Fossil assists with business endeavours | grounding | aids in stability + physical stamina | talisman for protection + long life | encourages embracing change with a sense of security
 Wing provides guidance | represents spirituality, freedom, clarity | assists in rising above challenges
 Wishbone represents desires | intention