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Kimberly Simpson - Creator of Purple Lotus, Dogmala



Taking the leap from corporate to creative, Kimberly created Purple Lotus and Dogmala (yes, that happened, malas for four-legged friends) when her personal practice of meditation and designing malas grew into a growing business (ad)venture. 

Kimberly is committed to holding space for all beings to return to their natural state of balance and joy.  She welcomes inspiration from the beauty she sees in everything around her and lives in gratitude for the opportunity to share her passion with others.

Kimberly is a Master level practitioner of the Usui system of Reiki, and holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Raja Yoga, a dedication to the royal path of meditation.

Guru Gratitude
Level I, II & III (Master): Reiki Master, Life Coach & Goddess: Sharon Doyle Goater, Bermuda 
Raja Yoga 200 hour YTT: Jackie Chiodo, Anamaya Resort, Montezuma Costa Rica 
Reiki for Dogs: Kathleen Prasad of San Rafael, California